Courage. Conquer. Cure.

WWE and Susan G. Komen (SGK) partnered for the third consecutive year through their joint Courage. Conquer. Cure. campaign in order to raise funds and awareness in support of Komen and the fight against breast cancer.


Susan G. Komen is the world’s largest breast cancer organization fighting breast cancer on all fronts: research, community health, advocacy and global reach.

Komen has invested more than $2.5 billion in the fight against breast cancer, making them the world’s largest nonprofit funder of breast cancer research and community outreach programs.

Susan G. Komen has played a critical role in many major advances in the breast cancer movement – transforming how the world talks about and treats this disease, helping to turn millions of breast cancer patients into breast cancer survivors.


Join WWE and Susan G. Komen all October and share your stories of strength and determination. Get the gear and join the fight. Go to for more information on how you can help put an end to breast cancer.

The research with regard to breast cancer proves there is still a lot of work to do:

  • Around the world, a woman dies from breast cancer every 60 seconds.
  • 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • There are more than 3 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. today.

Aside from skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the U.S.

Thanks in part to Komen’s investments in research and community health, breast cancer death rates are down by 34 percent since 1990; today, the five-year relative survival rate for early stage breast cancer is 99 percent.


Acclaimed journalist and TV host Joan Lunden speaks on behalf of the women and men who are battling breast cancer every day. For more on Joan's breast cancer journey, please visit

Following two successful years of partnership with Komen for our Rise Above Cancer campaign, the 2014 Courage. Conquer. Cure. campaign’s primary objectives were to:

  • Raise overall awareness about breast cancer and early detection.
  • Reach women and families who are underserved when it comes to breast health education and support services.
  • Raise funds for Susan G. Komen to support breast cancer research and community outreach programs.

WWE is uniquely positioned to help Susan G. Komen achieve their mission to eradicate breast cancer and save women’s lives.

Approximately 5.5 million women watch WWE’s weekly programming – more female viewers than the top rated shows on the women’s networks, OWN, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, TLC, Oxygen and WE TV.

WWE’s audience is broad and diverse with nearly 40 percent of its viewing audience comprised of females. Of these women, 21 percent are African American and 16 percent represent the Hispanic communities which are underserved when it comes to information on breast health.

Kids and families are a vital component of WWE’s passionate and multi-generational fan base. Forty percent of the millions of fans who attend live events bring their kids, who represent nearly a quarter of WWE’s total TV audience.


The Hulkster and WWE's "Courage Conquer Cure" campaign run wild on Raw. For more information visit:

In order to effectively achieve the objectives, WWE’s strategy was to develop an integrated marketing and communications program to utilize all of the company’s global assets.  These included WWE’s television and pay-per-view broadcasts, digital and social media, live events, merchandise sales, WWE Superstars and Divas, employee communications and public relations. 

The entire organization was focused on making the effort a success in order to achieve the campaign objectives and ultimately raise awareness for breast cancer.


Merchandise Sales

More than 10 WWE Superstars premiered co-branded black and pink ring gear and continued to wear the merchandise at all TV and live events from mid-September 2014 through the month of October 2014. Fans were encouraged to “Get the Gear, Join the Fight” and were able to purchase the merchandise at live events and online at, with 20 percent of the retail sales price going to Susan G. Komen.

Television Programming 

WWE programming reaches nearly 14 million viewers weekly.

Hulk Hogan talks about participating in the Susan G. Komen "Courage. Conquer. Cure." campaign. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE:

From mid-September 2014 to end of October 2014, Susan G. Komen PSA’s and WWE PSA’s featuring WWE Superstars and Divas aired 3-4 times weekly during WWE Broadcasts and Live Events throughout the campaign.

Breast Cancer survivors attended live events and were acknowledged on air during Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

  • Video messages of support from fans featured on air.
  • On-air announcer mentions about the partnership/encouraging donations.
  • Messages and SGK logo/ribbon on video boards.
  • Co-branded WWE/SGK logo on entrance ramp for maximum on-air visibility.
  • Middle ring rope turned pink for the duration of the campaign.
  • Announcer table and ring skirts also co-branded to drive awareness.
  • Viewers encouraged to show their support by signing up for a local “Race for the Cure” in their area (also activated digitally/socially).
  • All WWE on-air talent, executives and staff wore the SGK pink ribbon for the duration of the campaign.

WWE Digital/Social Platforms

WWE is a leader in digital/social media with more than 420 million social media followers.  WWE supported the partnership throughout social and digital including:

WWE is proud to support Susan G. Komen during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • homepage promotion/takeover.
  • Fourteen homepage takeovers during the campaign.
  • Digital banners and leaderboards during the campaign..
  • Email blast to WWE Universe (fan database).
  • Co-branded WWE and Komen web banners and custom skin on
  • Video package on to promote Komen/breast cancer awareness month.
  • Video messages from Superstars in support of Komen/breast cancer awareness month.
  • WWE Twitter announcements - Tweets went out 2-3 times a week.
  • WWE Facebook alerts - once a week for the initiative.
  • Tweets by WWE Superstars and Divas – Frequent posts all month long.
  • Promotional messaging on the WWE YouTube channel.

SGK Digital/Social Platforms

WWE encourages the WWE Universe to help raise awareness for breast cancer and "Get the Gear. Join the Fight."

WWE was highlighted in SGK’s daily profile featuring survivors, co-survivors, researchers, grantees and advocates that have impacted the fight against breast cancer.

  • homepage spotlight.
  • Dedicated WWE partner page on
  • SGK Facebook alerts.
  • Tweets from official SGK account.

Live Events

During the course of the campaign, WWE aired Komen PSA’s with WWE talent.

  • In arena announcements with awareness messages.
  • Acknowledgement of breast cancer survivors in attendance.
  • Local SGK affiliate activation with ability to donate, receive information on support services or sign up for a local race.
  • WWE Superstars and Divas SGK gear promoted in-venue with special merchandising.

Public Relations

National media was targeted to create awareness about the campaign.

Titus O'Neil talks about his grandmother and the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Joint press releases from Komen, WWE with images and PSA’s.
  • John Cena, the No. 1 most-followed American athlete in the world on Facebook and has a Q score higher than LeBron James, Jon Hamm and Jay-Z. He appeared on the following to promote the Komen partnership and Breast Cancer Awareness:
    • Good Morning America
    • Yahoo!
    • Huffington Post
    • Huffington Post Live
    • ESPN
    • CNN Showbiz
    • In Touch
    • Hollywood Life
  • Additional press included:
    • National print/radio tours were conducted with several key talent including Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.
    • Hispanic PSA to target Latin markets.

Employee/Business Partner Communications

Maura Bivens shares her story of survival thanks to cutting edge medical research made possible by Susan G. Komen.

WWE activated this campaign with all 800 of its employees.

  • Employee deskdrop (including bracelet and sticker) to raise awareness of the activities involved with the 2014 Courage. Conquer. Cure. campaign.
  • Co-branded signage in WWE headquarters lobby, elevators, reception areas.
  • Communications to all WWE Business and Community partners in order to garner additional support.


Throughout breast cancer awareness month in 2014, WWE generated 585.5 million social media impressions for Susan G. Komen including

  • More than 90 million impressions during TV broadcasts in the U.S.
  • 1.46 million total social engagements, up 309% from 2013.

In three years, WWE has raised more than $1.4 million for Susan G. Komen to date.

In its third year, WWE has continued its partnership with Susan G. Komen in 2014, including teaming up for National Women’s Health Week and supporting local Race for the Cure events. Additionally, WWE Superstar John Cena was named as the Grand Marshall at the Global Race for the Cure in Washington, D.C.

WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon attended the Race for the Cure Italia where she participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Surgical Breast Center at Catholic University of Rome and Komen’s Health Village at Circo Massimo. McMahon also joined Komen executives to participate in the race.

Courage. Conquer. Cure. continues on until the end of 2014. The WWE Universe is still encouraged to purchase Komen/WWE gear at to "Join The Fight" against Breast Cancer..