Best TV Show Specific Sports: WWE Monday Night Raw

2014 Sports Social TV Awards: Best TV Show Specific Sports: WWE Monday Night Raw




The WWE Universe speaks its mind at WWE Monday Night Raw -- both via in-arena signage and on social media.

The WWE Universe speaks its mind at WWE Monday Night Raw -- both via in-arena signage and on social media.

WWE Monday Night Raw has been a staple of television programming for over two decades. As the longest-running episodic prime-time television show in history (1,092 episodes to date), Raw is also a mainstay in the weekly Top 10 Nielsen Twitter TV Rankings. 
The ability to engage the WWE Universe weekly is important to WWE and is executed in several ways.

Specifically, WWE has integrated fan and talent tweets into a streaming Twitter ticker that taps into our 150+ Superstar accounts and 83.8M total combined followers of affiliates. This allows WWE to provide commentary and sustain conversation throughout the program with the use of segment-specific hashtags.

By providing real-time social statistics, the WWE Universe is up-to-date with all of WWE's worldwide trends as they happen (WWE Raw averages 30+ worldwide trends weekly). Social chatter between Superstars are also translated into on-screen graphics in real time, to further storylines. 

Since its launch in July of 2012, over 11.8 million downloads of WWE’s branded mobile app (known as The WWE App) have made it a focal point in the entertainment industry. Fans interact with WWE programming unlike any other sports and entertainment program on television today. The WWE App’s second-screen experience allows WWE Universe to alter live programming through voting. Fans vote on match stipulations or match participants, all with the push of a button, potentially changing the storyline for weeks -- or months -- to come.

Not a fan of commercials? No problem. The WWE second-screen experience also features the ability to watch live in-ring action during breaks, so they don’t have to miss a second of action. The WWE App also maintains engagement with fans of the program with trivia, candid photos of their favorite Superstars backstage and polls that give viewers an idea of what others are thinking about the program. 


Available on Apple iOS and Android devices, The WWE App is the digital center of the WWE Universe, bringing our fans worldwide closer to WWE’s Superstars and Divas than ever before, from anywhere their digital device can access the Internet.

The WWE App’s primary purpose is to provide users with an interactive companion platform that richly enhances the viewing experience during all of WWE’s television programming. Our fans’ votes within the WWE App help shape the live storylines unfolding during WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown and other WWE Network programming.

Also, the WWE App provides a portal to order and watch WWE pay-per-view events directly on fans’ mobile devices, and gives our fans easy access to WWE Live Event ticket and merchandise purchases.


WWE’s aggressive integration of social media into our shows provides a viewing experience unmatched by any other weekly episodic show.

In partnership with WWE Television Creative Writing and Production, WWE App voting is incorporated in every live WWE Raw episode as part of the second-screen experience, affecting storyline activity in the program. Depending on the vote topic, the WWE Universe’s responses can select the winners of awards, choose match participants or stipulations, or decide which characters get hired or fired.

WWE’s Digital Content team creates the second-screen content that accompanies the live programming, which features dynamic illustrated factoids, fan tweets, polling and exclusive backstage photography from the event. Due to the ever-changing script behind our live programming, the Digital Content team often has just hours to create the content seen on the second-screen presentation, not weeks like most network scripted programs.

The Second Screen also provides live video Superstar interviews and match continuations during commercial breaks in the on-air program, providing a unique real-time viewing experience unrivaled in the industry’s current crop of second-screen apps.


John Cena's opponent is chosen via the WWE App's second-screen vote during Raw in April 2014, with the results displayed in-arena during the show's third hour. More than 200,000 votes were cast in-app during the two-hour voting window.

John Cena's opponent is chosen via the WWE App's second-screen vote during Raw in April 2014, with the results displayed in-arena during the show's third hour. More than 200,000 votes were cast in-app during the two-hour voting window.

  • WWE Raw averages more than 150,000 social mentions during every episode. 
  • WWE Raw has been ranked by SocialGuide in the Top 5 most-social prime-time series of both 2012
  • The WWE App averages 2,000,000 active poll votes monthly during our live Raw and SmackDown programming, with 1.9 million unique users,
  • More than 155 million page views and 18 million video streams have been watched in the WWE App's second-screen.
  • More than 60 million videos views have been watched through the WWE App since launch in July 2012.


Big E. Langston is voted in by the WWE Universe via the WWE App to go one-on-one with WWE Champion Randy Orton on WWE Raw.

In a RAW vote via Twitter and WWE App, the WWE Universe help decide that troublemaking rivals Kane and Daniel Bryan must "hug it out" live on WWE Raw.

The McMahon family makes changes regarding the Raw General Manager position, firing Vickie Guerrero after the WWE App vote July 8, 2013. (6:15 mark) 

The WWE Universe uses the WWE App to vote in The Miz as the Guest Referee for the match between Fandango and Wade Barrett on May 27, 2013. 


WWE App second-screen content, from exclusive videos to audience voting, is designed to advance and enhance the multiple storylines of WWE’s television programs.

General examples of the WWE App's multiplatform storytelling include:

A look at the WWE App Second Screen layout (taken from WWE SmackDown, Dec. 20, 2013)

A look at the WWE App Second Screen layout (taken from WWE SmackDown, Dec. 20, 2013)

  • Audience votes in various interactive polls in real-time to determine under which type match stipulation two Superstars would compete, or which Superstar a competitor must face – right on live TV
  • During commercial breaks, WWE App users watch exclusive, live video in which competitors are assigned matches in-program that take place immediately upon return to programming
  • During commercial breaks, viewers can watch a match currently in progress instead of missing the action until the broadcast resumes
  • WWE App users are privy to exclusive, live video involving character interaction and the progression of storyline, including video that picks up and continues just as television programming goes off the air
  • The WWE App bridges the gap between television and social media by showcasing storyline-related tweets sent between Superstars

Specific examples of the WWE App's multiplatform storytelling include:

Daniel Bryan verbally jousts with Stephanie McMahon and WWE COO Triple H on Raw in April, 2014.

Daniel Bryan verbally jousts with Stephanie McMahon and WWE COO Triple H on Raw in April, 2014.

  • Audience voted in interactive polls as the sole decision-makers to determine the winner in each category of WWE’s annual, live, televised awards show, The Slammy Awards
  • Audience voted in interactive polls to determine which opponent the WWE Champion would compete against that same evening
  • WWE App users watched exclusive, live video of a WWE character quitting the company, within storyline, after her loss on live TV
  • A WWE talent was asked to react to negative fan sentiment garnered exclusively through a live poll on the WWE App

Thanks to the WWE App second-screen experience, and its groundbreaking interactivity and streaming video delivery, our fans are no longer passive viewers of our product; they’re also the co-stars and storytellers of the action inside the ring. 


The WWE App's second-screen companion includes the most-vibrant and captivating infographics for a TV companion app online today.

The WWE second-screen team creates these graphics to entertain and engage the WWE Universe with often less than four hours notice of WWE's often-shifting live programming script and storyline direction -- unlike most productions that have weeks to craft their second-screen companion content before airing.

Here is a sampling of infographics created for WWE programming during the months of October and November 2013.


WWE fans are always encouraged to make their voices heard. As a result, WWE App users have the ability to cast votes to determine the actual content of programming in real time, including which performers compete against one another and what type of match they compete in.

In December 2013, the WWE App empowered fans to be the sole decision-makers in our annual, live televised awards ceremony during Raw (“The Slammy Awards”) by encouraging users to cast real-time votes to determine the winner in each and every category. 

This year, more than 1.64 million votes were cast inside the WWE App during the three-hour program, with more than one million unique users engaging on the platform during the show.

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels returns to WWE Raw and presents the 2013 Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year Dec. 9, 2013. More than 200,000 votes were cast in the WWE App during a single commercial break to award the Slammy to Daniel Bryan, by less than 0.5% of the total vote.

The Rhodes Family present the Slammy Award for Hashtag of the Year, won by The Shield's #BelieveInTheShield tag, on Dec. 9, 2013.

The Shield presents the Slammy Award for the Double-Cross of the Year to Shawn Michaels, Dec. 9, 2013.



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