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2015 Cynopsis Sports Leaderboard: WWE Tough Enough


The return of WWE's reality show WWE Tough Enough to USA Network introduced viewers to one of our most ambitious and interactive digital campaigns yet.

WWE's digital offerings for "Tough Enough" included a brand-new, multimedia-rich website, a fresh second-screen app for smartphones and tablets, and a first-time partnership with the award-winning Telescope to execute our live-voting platform.

Social integration was also at the heart of each of these offerings, from customized hashtags representing each contestant's video submission to live Periscopes from inside the "Tough Enough" barracks, giving viewers a truly immersive experience.

See the athletic feats showcased by these WWE Tough Enough applicants. ONly 13 were chosen for the final cast.


WWE COO Triple H announced in April 2015 that WWE Tough Enough was returning to USA Network, and launched the worldwide contestant search. WWE received more than 11,000 audition videos for casting.

During every episode in the 10-week competition, "Tough Enough" viewers voted to decide which contestants advanced, with the grand prize of two $250,000 contracts on the line for prospective Superstars and Divas.

Voting was conducted through a wide variety of methods, including the "Tough Enough" app, website, Twitter (hashtag vote) and SMS. The "Tough Enough Save" put the power in the hands of the fans and drove real-time engagement around the show.

In total, the "Tough Enough" app was downloaded 503,722 times on the App Store and Google Play, and 734,876 live votes were cast by viewers over the 10-episode run, with 255K of those votes recorded during the highly-interactive season finale which crowned the winning contestants.

From the onset of the campaign, video consumption was a driving force for the success and growth of both the website and app. More than 11,000 videos were submitted from fans around the world, hoping to earn an opportunity to compete on "Tough Enough," and total video views surpassed 4 million on the website and app combined in just a few months.

This video integration expanded to the social landscape as well, with exclusive content provided on Instagram, Facebook and Periscope each week, giving viewers sneak peeks at upcoming episodes and behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite contestants. Each contestant managed their own Twitter and Instagram accounts, and used Periscope often to rally their supporters to vote for them each week.

Through comprehensive storytelling and live voting on both digital and social platforms, the return of "Tough Enough" was one of WWE's biggest successes of 2015 and set the benchmark for future seasons of the hit reality show.


From the announcement of WWE Tough Enough's return, WWEToughEnough.com was positioned as the primary information center about the series, along with the companion WWE Tough Enough App.

In addition, the show's social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope encouraged audition submissions, provided video highlights and exclusive photos, as well as a voting channel for live in-show eliminations every week. WWE Tough Enough's social channels had more than 1.1 million social media followers combined in just five months of operation. 



The Tough Enough App was the perfect companion for the show's airing on Tuesday nights. It was the home of WWE’s second-screen experience, a stream of original content you can’t find anywhere else that’s synchronized to the hardest-hitting competition reality show on TV.

App users also had the ability to directly tweet WWE Tough Enough coaches, get breaking-news updates, view episode highlights, photos and digital extras, and receive up-to-the-minute live show results.

You can download the official WWE Tough Enough app for free on Apple iTunes or Google Play


Sara Lee and Josh are named the winners of WWE Tough Enough.

Sara Lee and Josh are named the winners of WWE Tough Enough.

  • In total, the "Tough Enough" app was downloaded 503,722 times on the App Store and Google Play.
  • More than 11,000 audition videos were submitted from fans around the world.
  • Total audition video views surpassed 4 million on the website and app combined in just a few months.
  • WWE Tough Enough video content on WWE's official YouTube channel helped make WWE the most watched YouTube channel for the month of August 2015, with 456 million total video views.
  • 734,876 live votes were cast by viewers over the 10-episode run, with 255K of those votes recorded during the highly-interactive season finale which crowned the winning contestants.


More than 200 videos and highlight clips were created for Tough Enough's 10-episode run, including numerous "Digital Extras" from the contestants' barracks, behind-the-scenes sessions with the Tough Enough trainers, and candid reaction from visiting WWE Superstars.  Samples of our best videos and most controversial moments are below. 
Click here to watch the complete Tough Enough video collection on YouTube.


Following the judges' save being used for the second straight week, Chelsea is the lowest vote getter and is eliminated from WWE Tough Enough.

GiGi loses the popular vote and is eliminated from WWE Tough Enough.

After The Miz shockingly uses his save on Amanda, the audience vote eliminates Mada from WWE Tough Enough. This was the season's most controversial moment, generating intense social media backlash towards The Miz.

The female hopefuls are put to the ultimate test when they are forced to take a body slam and splash from Team B.A.D.'s Tamina Snuka.


Booker T, Lita and Billy Gunn speak to the finalists on day one of the Tough Enough tryout.

The hopefuls are tasked with a daunting swim in gator-infested waters to prove their mettle.

After struggling to pick up the scoop slam, Billy Gunn gives Sara a dose of hard-hitting reality.

Josh looks to make a lasting impression in his debut match against Cesaro.

Former contender Nicholas Cuffari exits the first day of the WWE Tough Enough tryouts the hard way, in an ambulance.

Things get wild when ZZ shares the hot tub with his fellow Tough Enough competitors.

The hopefuls aim to impress the judges with their ability to tap into character.

After feeling disrespected by GiGi and Amanda, Sara Lee lets her building anger out in the barracks.


After receiving some inside intel, judge Paige confronts the WWE Tough Enough competitors hanging out at the mall on their off day.

Billy Gunn enjoys himself with the bullhorn during the focus challenge, talking with the crew and social media team.

Coaches Billy Gunn, Lita and Booker T give their unfiltered opinions on this week's controversial Tough Enough vote, eliminating Patrick.

Cameras start rolling just as coach Billy Gunn stops practice to address ZZ's performance during a drill.

Sara and Chelsea discuss their growing distaste for GiGi and Amanda during a private moment inside the barracks.

Chris Jericho and the coaches' give their opinions on which competitors will excel during tonight's Tough Enough challenge.

The female competitors are startled to find a new visitor in the barracks.

With the season finale looming, the competitors pack their belongings and say goodbye to the Tough Enough barracks.


Josh and Sara win the popular vote and are revealed as the winners of WWE Tough Enough, seen live on USA Network.

A behind the scenes look at the backstage happenings of the Tough Enough finale.

Triple H snaps a final photo with the two Tough Enough winners and wishes them well as they continue their dreams to Superstardom.


After every Tough Enough episode on USA Network, the attention shifted to WWE Network and YouTube, and a live episode of Tough Talk, hosted by WWE commentator Byron Saxton. The show featured heavy social media integration with a live on-screen Twitter ticker, as well as questions taken from the live Twitter and in-studio audience.

Watch guest host Byron Saxton grill the competitors and judges as they react to this week's elimination for Week 9.

Watch host Byron Saxton, along with Triple H, the judges, coaches and hosts of Tough Enough, grill the competitors as they react to the grand finale on Tough Talk on WWE Network.